Awesome And Free SEO Tools For Websites

You have entered the world of online marketing and you are now looking for SEO tools. You go to Google and type in “free SEO tools for my website,” as you press “enter” you are overwhelmed by the results.

Getting free tools is awesome, but only if they work. There are a lot of free SEO tools out there that are trash and they can do more harm to your website. You don’t want to get blacklisted or penalized by Google off the bat, do you?

We take a look at some of the free SEO tools that have been tested and reviewed by the experts so that you won’t have to do trial and error anymore.

Google Webmaster Tools
This is a great tool not just for “webmasters” but for those who love to do SEO. More SEO experts should start seeing the value in using this tool. Here’s what you can expect from this tool:

-It gives you the ability to check your site’s health for possible issues that have been detected by Google.
-Helps you analyze your search traffic so that you can learn how users are finding your website
-Allows you to make optimizations to help Google get a better understanding of your site, making it more Google friendly.
-Gives great insight just by looking at the dashboard, data is given in a way that is simple to understand even for the newbie in SEO
-Shows you data on toxic backlinks, helps you avoid getting a penalty from Google by disavowing spam links

Google Analytics
This is a must-have for SEO experts, you simply can’t live without this tool if you want to do good with your SEO efforts.

Google Analytics is a data source that provides high quality and detailed information like no other. Using this tool over the other data tools is a no-brainer because Google is the number one search engine out there and they call the shots. Majority of other tools simply ride along with Google’s data anyway using the API.

Having the right information is the key to winning in the SEO world. Making decisions based on guesswork and inaccurate data can be disastrous to your SEO strategy. The MozBar helps you know all about the website you are visiting in an instant. A report can be generated by just clicking on the bar. The button is found at the top of your browser toolbar for easy access. There are 3 main types of data that you can get from your MozBar.

Page elements display the nitty-gritty of an on page SEO like H1, H2, and H3 tags, title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions, etc.

Page attributes will give you the back end of optimization info such as meta robots, page load time, and Google cache URL.

There is a Link Data tab which shows ranking factors, follow and nofollow links, page authority, and trust ratings, etc.

There is a paid version if you want to get deeper into SEO and experts would say that it is worth your money.

Keyword Planner
One of the best tools for keyword research. In order to access Keyword Planner, you have to sign in to your Adwords account, click on Tools and Keyword Planner will appear in the drop-down menu.

This updated tool focuses more on Adwords generation compared to simple keyword research. There are keyword bidding features that won’t be useful for those who are not Adwords clients.

Even if this is designed for Adwords advertisers, you can still get a lot of information when you use this tool. The “find new keywords” and “get metrics and forecasts for your keywords”
tools are more than enough to generate so many keywords that you can use for your SEO.

Whenever you think about free SEO tools for my website, don’t forget to consider the amazing tools that we have just shared with you. Here’s to a great SEO campaign!

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