How To Improve Blog Traffic: 3 Simple And Easy Steps

So you have yourself a blog. And like many others, you have dreams of becoming a famous blogger that amasses a steady stream of followers and thus, an equally steady stream of passive income. But you’re just now realizing that getting traffic is actually hard. Especially these days, when there are so many competitors in the same online market. But if you’re really serious about getting income with your blog, then you really must think of getting blog traffic more seriously. In this guide, we’ve listed the ways on how to improve blog traffic. Read ahead to know three simple and easy steps to make your blog a success.

  1. Focus on content.

How do you expect your blog to be a success if it doesn’t have any content?  Before even thinking of gaining web traffic, you need to ensure that your blog has some useful, relevant, and high-quality content. If you want to increase your blog traffic,  you just need to create better content. “Content is king,” or so they say. And this applies in blogging as well. And don’t just stop at creating great content. Do it in a strategic way. Don’t just write about anything. You must think about what your audience love and needs. Try to create content that is either educational or entertaining. And when you write your content don’t just focus on text. You should incorporate beautiful images, hard facts, statistics, infographics, videos, and anything that will attract more readers or subscribers.

  1. Use search engine optimization (SEO).

The truth is, SEO is a very intimidating topic.  This is especially true for bloggers who are not really tech savvy or are just beginning their blogging career. But once you familiarize yourself with SEO principles, implementing them can be quite easy. In fact, these days, it all starts with creating high-quality content. So if you follow step 1, then you’re already halfway there. When it comes to SEO, the key is to do everything in moderation. Don’t be afraid of keywords, but also don’t put them in every nook and cranny of your blog. Search engine optimization is all about putting keywords in strategically well-placed areas. This can be as easy and as obvious as incorporating your keywords into your meta tags, titles, and descriptions. For beginners, it’s also better and more manageable to target long tail keywords. These keywords are not competitive and will give you a higher chance of getting a top SERP in Google and other search engines.

  1. Use social media the right way.

Most people who utilize social media to push their content is doing it the wrong way. Before you can get any traction, you need to remember that social media is, primarily, “social.” What you need to do is first to establish rapport and to put out posts that are completely “free value” to your audience. Work on collaborating with bloggers that have an established following. Involve your community in your content, make sure you are connecting with them. If you can, you should also join social media groups. This is an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals that will actually be interested in what your blog has to offer. And don’t just focus on one social media platform. Facebook is obviously the largest social media platform to tap into, but there are others that can also give you traffic. Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are only a few.


Now you know how to increase your blog’s traffic with the easy and simple steps above. In today’s online market, blogging has become quite competitive. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and time before it can take off. The key is in creating quality content and being strategic about every move you make.

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