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Pay Per Click Management And Pricing

Searchology has worked in many different verticals for B2B clients and B2C clients. If you want to achieve top Internet rankings without waiting for your SEO campaign to kick in…pay per click advertising is for you. Patience is required with paid search just as it is with anything that can deliver a strong ROI.

If you run your account, need a new PPC campaign built, or want to transfer your account from another agency, Searhcology can help get all of it done with finesse and expediency.

Our Requirements: 

  • Minimum  $1,500.00  advertising budget [monthly]
  • Patience and commitment 

Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work? Yes, it does.

Are you unsatisfied with your current digital marketing agency? Are you looking for better results? More transparency? Or are you just starting out with Google Ads and don’t know where to start? Call or text Searchology NOW to get your free 1-hour consultation. 1.312.316.7202. We can help you get to the top of the Google Search Engine within 24 to 48 hours. Read on for more information. 

Google initially launched Google Ad Words in 2000 with 350 initial advertisers. Our first accounts began in 2002, when the Internet [as we know it], was still in its infancy. By 2028, will be protecting the paid search advertising market to surpass $188 billion by 2028. With over 246 million unique users, Google is the market leader of all search engines. 

We manage over $1 million in paid search advertising for our clients annually. We have seen every change, update, nuance, and revision from Google Ads for over 2 decades. Our expertise surpasses over 40,000 hours of pay-per-click and digital marketing excellence.  Put our knowledge, experience, professionalism, and Google connections to work for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Call, Contact, and Choose Searchology ~ 

  1.  No long-term contracts
    1.  30-day cancellation window 
    2. No signature required
  2. Build new campaigns, audit current campaigns, and revise existing campaigns 
  3. Compeitive and transparent PPC management fees 
  4. Complete adherence to Google Ads Advertising Policies and Editorial Guidelines 
  5. Local, regional, US, and global reach 
  6. Searchology 19 – 5 star reviews [Google] – 18 – 5 Star Reviews [Facebook]
  7. Expert knowledge of search engine optimization, user experience, analytics, and digital marketing excellence
  8. Transparent reporting and pricing 
  9. We do all of the heavy lifting and improvements 
  10. All Campaign management, implementation, research, and client services are based in the United States
What’s in if for you, your company, and your Brand? 

All of our pay per click advertising services include:

Pay Per Click Management Fees

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