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Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Social Media is expanding at incredible rates. If you’ve always wanted to get your company involved in social media…now is the time to increase engagement. Twitter has over  300 billion users and Facebook has over 1.7 billion active users. Your customers and clients are actively engaging in online conversations and Searchology can put you in direct contact with them and make your brand look fantastic in the process. Moreover, social media does not need to be a drain on your marketing budget.

Our recommendation for social media is to use it wisely and not over do it. Social media is not used for social signals as some agencies would have you think and it is not a silver bullet for driving website traffic or sales leads. In addition, social media does not have a major impact on search engine optimization and that is according to Matt Cutts. With this in mind, we recommend our clients us social media as follows:

Social media converts less than print advertising [about 1% or less]. Yes, there are always outliers with every type of marketing and advertising…but for B2B we recommend we use it very wisely. Searchology can provide you with all of the following social media services;

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