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Affordable SEO is in Chicago with a local and national reach

Search engine optimization can be a long and difficult process. Like it or not, SEO is NOT dead and you need to get into the game. The future of your business depends on how well you are represented online. Effective SEO can help you beat your competition, increase brand awareness and improve ROI.
Our Chicagoland SEO services will help you reach your audience. Call us today for your free SEO audit.

Effective SEO Services for Local and National Reach

82% of all searches start online. And an estimated 60% of all American searches are using tablets and mobile at least once a day. Our number one job is to connect our clients with their desired audience. SEO is art. SEO is complicated. SEO is data driven. Searchology understands how search works and how we can make your website a better place for your visitors. More importantly, we believe in 100% transparency in as it pertains to our methods and our data.
Effective search engine optimization does not need to be expensive or done every single month during the year. Search engine optimization can be achieved by executing and implementing your SEO strategy in chunks. The majority of most search engine optimization is completed at the start and front end of each project.
Keyword research, content issues, linking building, off page search engine optimization components can be addressed early on in the SEO process to save you big money in the long run. Searchology offers a unique approach to SEO. By working with you and your webmaster, we can create SEO for your website, save time and money in the process.
Once all SEO aspects are in place, we need to allow the search engines to crawl, index, and serve your site in the search engine results. Once enough data has been collected and a review of the data has been completed, another round of search engine optimization may need to take place. Until, the data has been examined, there is no need for monthly search engine optimization. Yes, there are certain aspects of your search engine optimization which must be ongoing, and this process you will learn when you work with Searchology. In addition, we adhere to white hat SEO practices and strictly follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines for all of our work. Google maintains about 67% of the U.S. search market share, so if we can make Google happy…that is a very good thing.

White-Hat Search Engine Optimization By Searchology

Searchology offers the following services for all clients:

SEO Pricing and Fees

All SEO work is just as unique as your company and brand are. As such, each SEO program is custom tailored for your website goals, business goals, and will vary on a case by case basis. With this in mind, one solution does not fit all and one price will not work for all of our clients. Call us and we will price your project while we discuss your needs and goals. Get more information on our search engine optimization package offerings or request a free consultation today.

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