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Digital Marketing 2 Day Seminar Detroit & Chicago

Feb 25-26

Digital Marketing Training 

Digital Marketing, SEO Training, and Intenet Marketing Speaker

Our founder, Alton J. Duderstadt II, has been in the Internet marketing field since early 2000. He has given countless roundtable events, seminars, corporate SEO training, and digital marketing foundation training for hundreds of individuals and students. His passion for honest and transparent digital marketing is hardly surpassed in the realm of Internet advertising and marketing. As the primary driver in all things digital at Searchology, he is duty bound to share the latest digital information, strategies, and tactics for winning results and ROI.

Digital Marketing Teaching and Instruction Background

Halloween GIG

21 March
3 easy steps to grow your business with Internet marketing. More to come.

Digital Marketing Courses and Seminar Topics

Call 1.312.316.7202 today for your free course consultation. All training sessions are done live and in-person or via GoToMeeting.