Google Is Brining The Hammer Down on QA

I’ve had some new business join my growing client roster recently. This of course is a good thing…however the one of the primary complaints is ads not showing up in Ad Words for poor quality scores. I have a simple formula I’d like to share…and if you have read the Google Ad Words guidelines you will find that what I recommend is not much different than what Google already recommends.

Here is my formula for higher quality scores with Google Ad Words.

Keywords + ad copy + landing page = higher quality score

Sure its simple and pretty straight forward. However, if you have too many products or services and are trying to push too many paid search keywords through the same page without marketing some type of lading page adjustments your quality score will suffer. Here are some other pointers for higher quality scores.

  • Build a unique landing page for each major ad group or each major PPC campaign
  • If possible try and buy a URL which is relevant to the ad group, keywords, and ad copy
  • Make forms easy to fill out for newsletters, sign ups, etc.
  • Make sure to use some of your primary keywords in your page copy, H tags, and title tags
  • Use keyword insertion option in your ad copy

These should be some good steps to get you headed in the right direction. These tips will help you in Yahoo search marketing as well. Until the BIG Yahoo and BING merge. I do hope that Microsoft takes all of the great work Yahoo has done over the years and keeps the people and the kick butt technology. Only time will tell. But in the meantime, these tips will help on Yahoo Search Marketing. Thanks for reading.